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  1. 2-20-2012

    Hi – What are you using to record your hangouts?  I have Fraps but it won’t capture everyone’s window (doesn’t capture smaller video windows) and I can’t seem to get CamStudio to record all audio.  Any suggestions?  

    Nice video to show features by the way…thanks.

    • 2-21-2012

      Irene — I use a product called Jing to record all that kind of stuff.  It doesn’t do a good job of picking up sounds from the computer itself, as Ali is somewhat hard to hear in the video above, but it’s a solid product.  I’ve used it to capture 946 items so far, so it must be good for something. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the video!

      • 2-21-2012

        Ok great.  I love Jing and have a Screencast account but want to be able to get audio on both sides.  I think I’m going to have to spring for Camtasia – which I want anyways but Camstudio has been doing the job for tutorials.

        Thanks so much for responding.

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