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  1. 1-23-2012

    I think Google has been remiss in allowing the PUBLIC to come into anyone’s Profile and VIEW who that person has chosen to BLOCK.  
    I can’t imagine WHY Google + thinks this should be PUBLIC information and not one’s own private decision that is ONLY known by Google…not EVERYONE!
    I have had someone start getting nasty w/me in an unrelated thread and eventually was told that he was “pissed” at me (he had many ugly things to say about me) and he told me to THINK back to the fact that I had chosen to BLOCK a particular person he knew!!  
    I was very unnerved by this and wondered HOW this stranger knew this information as the FEW times I DO FLAG or BLOCK or REPORT – I NEVER discuss it in a thread…I just DO it!If I see an inappropriate comment (cussing or just down right violent/mean and aggressive comments) aimed at ME for a comment I have made, FIRST I try to reason w/the person w/OUT being sarcastic or aggressive and I request that the offender try to refrain from being mean so I can continue to consider their opinions.  If this doesn’t work I will normally just STOP responding; however, if the offender becomes extreme or foul, I will FLAG the comment, and sometimes (if bad enough) I will go to the Profile of the offender and REPORT/BLOCK.  I have NEVER TOLD the person I was planning or going to do this – EVER, so I assumed others in the thread would have NO idea I did this. Similarly, I have BLOCKED people who come in randomly to my profile pics and make sexual inferences JUST because I am female…they get BLOCKED (I do not REPORT – I just BLOCK)Finally, I will FLAG someone who adds a comment w/a LINK that is unrelated to the Post and tries to re-direct attention off the poster’s thread to their own thread or LINK- for whatever reason, I assume this is referred to as Spamming – I FLAG this.
    My point is, I don’t think Google should make your BLOCK list Public information – it should be no one’s business but YOURS and G+’s – I don’t see any constructive reason for making this PUBLIC???

    • 1-23-2012

      Valerie — I’m quite sure that your block list isn’t shown.  Can you point me to where it is?

      However, if a user is blocked by you they might notice it when they try to comment on one of your posts.  Perhaps that’s how they found out?

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