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  1. 3-2-2012

    These tutorials are perfect for a new G+ user – wish I had found them earlier.  One thing I noticed when watching was that on the how to tag video the stream had been organized into different sections (using an exclamation mark symbol?) which is a great idea.  Very new users may not need it but as you acquire lots of active followers you will.  Can you do something on that to help?

    • 3-2-2012

      Elieen — The exclamation points were from the early days of Google+; when it first came out, your circles were automatically put in alphabetical order and you couldn’t rearrange them.  Putting those exclamation points in there pulled them to the top of the list.

      Now you can go into your circles page and drag and drop them into any order you want, so those exclamation points really aren’t needed any more.

      • 3-2-2012

        Thanks for the quick response – as a late “early adopter” the history passed me by!

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