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We’ve been big fans of the “jQuery Lightbox for Native Galleries” plug-in for a while now, but the latest version of Jetpack includes a great new feature called “Carousel”. Here is a comparison of the two. Which do you prefer?


  1. 12-31-2012

    I’ve gone back and forth a few times now. Everyone I ask says they like the Jetpack Carousel better, so I think I know where I’m heading.

  2. 2-6-2013

    Thanks for the tutorial. Just spent the last hour or two trying to figure out how to get LightBox Plus to work on WP3.5 and you answered my question. The forums have a bunch of people trying to get the answer and it is still unanswered. For people with JetPack installed, the carousel causes a conflict with LightBox Plus. I didn’t even realize JetPack had that feature. So I’ve removed LightBox and gone with JetPack’s carousel. Looks better and heck it’s already there! Lol.

    Thanks again.

    • 2-6-2013

      Great! Glad that helped. I used to use various plugins for that as well, but now I go with Jetpack virtually every time.


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