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  1. 9-12-2012

    How would I send a message to the new people who liked my page from the business not as myself?

    • 9-12-2012

      JC — Sorry, but they don’t allow that. You simply need to post messages to the wall and hope they see it.

      From the perspective of a fan, it’s a good thing.  If Pages that I liked started sending me messages, I’d be “unliking” as fast as I could!

      • 9-16-2014

        hi how can i post to my company page and not show my name…it says posted by company page but also includes my name..i assume since i am the admin and was added as admin via my personal facebook page? how do i change it to not show my name at all anywhere just the co name?

  2. 6-13-2013

    Hello there,

    I have a huge problem and I hope you will be able to help me.
    I Have a business page of my cookery school and I tried many times to post comments as “business page” on other people’s pages. Unfortunately I’m unable to do that. When I click “comment” on someone else page, I do not see my thumbnail and my business name, and if I do manage to post my comment, I am the only one who can see it. Do you have any idea about why this happens?

    I hope you will be able to understand my English, I’m Italian :)

    Thank you very much for your help in advance.

  3. 6-24-2013

    I’m having the same problem as mentioned above. I’ve just created a business/org page and when I post on the page of another business/org, neither my profile picture or name are included in the post. Instead, the anonymous silhouette is there next to my post with no way to link to the page by the org name.

  4. 6-25-2013

    If I understand correctly what you want to do, here is how to do it.

  5. 8-10-2013

    Thanks for the information it was very helpful!

  6. 1-30-2014

    What kind of a site does not monitor their blog posts!?!

  7. 1-31-2014

    I do not have “Posting preference” on my facebook. What version are you using?

  8. 3-17-2014

    Help! All of a sudden. I can’t post on my company page as my company, it always shows my “personal” FB page as posting now. This has just happened! I’ve gone into the “Use Facebook as..” to try and change it, and I don’t even see my company page listed there. I am one of three Admins. Another Admin can see the company page and changes to that, but when she posts, it still comes out as her personal page posting. Can you tell me what’s going on?

  9. 4-2-2014

    I would like to advertise my business page on a local site but when I go to post on the site it automatically posts from me. How do I post as my business name?

    • 5-13-2014

      I have the same question Gemma. I want to add my FB Business page on my Pinterest business page, but because they are linked only my personal page comes up (embarrassing). ALSO, when on any internet site and want to share something to my business page, it only shares it to my personal page. FB how is having these two pages linked really all that helpful? It may be more work than its worth. Or maybe I’m missing something.

  10. 4-11-2014

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    • 12-19-2014

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  11. 5-16-2014

    Brenda, I’m having the same problem!
    I’m using page msnager on my iPhone to manage my 2 business sites and it’s posting as my personal name and not the company name.
    SOS how do we change this ASAP on the iPhone

  12. 9-5-2014

    Great article. It helped me. Thx!!

  13. 11-9-2014

    This is exactly what I need to do. BUT my business page looks nothing like the one in your video. I don’t have nearly as much info on the right as you do (edit page, admins, etc), let alone the options showing. Is there something I need to do?

  14. 12-28-2014

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  15. 12-28-2014

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