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Facebook: How to remove spam and block users on your business page

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  1. 10-1-2012

    How do I block postings on my face page page from a business?

  2. 10-14-2012

    Is there a way to block someone from even seeing my business Page? The person in question hasn’t liked it but as it’s a public page, I’m guessing they can see all the contents, same as everyone else can. I gather from the FB help page that even if they Like it, and I then ban them, they simply can’t post, comment or share. However, it looks like they can still see it and I really don’t want them to be able to see the contents full stop. 

    • 10-14-2012

      Sorry, but I don’t think you can.  Even if you could block them, they could just log out of Facebook and view it as a non-registered user which would defeat the point of it.

  3. 10-25-2012

    Hi, I have a business page on FB and everytime I post something there it also posts on my ‘personal’ FB page…can anyone tell me how to stop this? please help!! 

  4. 12-31-2012

    hi, Does anyone knows how can we delete the block person list from our Facebook page. I blocked them but I don’t want their names on the list, how can we delete that list?

  5. 4-24-2013

    There’s a participant on a group page that I frequent, and she posts nasty things I don’t want to see. Because she is a “public page” I’m not allowed to block her. Is there a way to do this and why does FB protect some people and force us to see them?

  6. 5-1-2013

    The video answered my question. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • 5-1-2013

      Great! Glad it helped.

  7. 5-10-2013

    Thank you! This helped!

  8. 7-9-2013


  9. 8-21-2013

    When I hover over the message on facebook I want to report as spam the only option I get is to hide it.

  10. 2-17-2014

    How do I take a block off my facebook like I cant do nothing !

  11. 9-5-2014

    Any one help me, A fake account of FB had made a page, and he is uploading the real pics of my friend on this page with bad allegations, therefore i am requesting to all kindly give me idea that, what should I do? I want to block/hack/finish this page.

  12. 10-1-2014

    I forwarded an email from my Yahoo Mail to a group I joined in FB. It keeps posting ever since. I changed my Yahoo password thinking my account may be hacked but still the message keeps posting on the group’s FB page…. What will I do

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