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WordPress: The new media and gallery features in 3.5

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WordPress 3.5 introduced some excellent changes to the media features. Here’s how they work.


  1. 12-4-2012

    Nice overview. Thanks Mickey. This is a very powerful feature, especially if you combine it with JetPack.

    Any good plugins or ways to handle uploading and displaying of PDFs?

    Cheers, Carel.

    • 12-12-2012

      Not offhand.  I typically just upload them via the media feature and use a text link, but it depends on the purpose of them.

  2. 12-12-2012

    Very good overview of the new gallery features. In the past I’ve had to use gallery shortcodes to get these features, this is going to save so much time! Underneath the new feature, is WordPress using the shortcodes? ie will my existing posts using shortcodes still display correctly?

    • 12-12-2012

      Yes, it uses the same shortcodes under the surface so your existing galleries should be fine.  Good question!

  3. 1-17-2013

    hello.. are you sure this video is about WordPress 3.5
    I am a newbie that has just started too use WordPress.. i have installed the version 3.5 and i din’t see the little upload icon beside the media button above the tool bar , could you explain me how you got the icon to appear… thnks in advance for your time and patience

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